Tips you should know:

So you’ve finally made the switch to the amazing epoxy flooring or maybe you are doing research before you decide to make the switch to an epoxy flooring system. There is one very important thing you must know about epoxy flooring and that is that the maintenance on this flooring is crucial to how long the epoxy flooring is going to last. Don’t let this scare you though, the maintenance on epoxy flooring is incredibly simplistic. We will always urge you not to let the simplicity of the maintenance let you push it off. Heavy traffic areas must be maintained daily and low traffic areas need to be maintained at least twice a week if you want the full lifespan of your flooring.

The first step in maintaining your epoxy floor is the removal of all loose debris. This includes dirt, dust and any foreign objects that may be on the flooring. Simply pick up all larger objects off the floor but for dirt and dust, use either a soft bristle broom or a dust mop to get these cleaned up. Never use a stiff bristle broom to remove these foreign objects as they are not nearly as efficient as brooms with soft bristles and they can also leave tiny scratches in the surface of the epoxy that can be unsightly when the flooring is exposed to light. As soon as you are sure that all foreign objects are removed from the flooring, you can begin the next step.

The next step in maintaining an epoxy flooring system is the actual cleaning of the surface. To do this, use a standard wet mop, nothing fancy. Make sure to not overwork an area too much with the mop as the overworking may turn the top coat of the epoxy flooring dull and it will be an eyesore when next to the glossy area surrounding it.

There is one more thing you must be cautious of when mopping the flooring as well and that is to not use chemicals on the epoxy flooring without testing them. To test the chemical, mask off a tiny area of the flooring in either a discreet area like a corner of the room or an area that is going to be constantly covered. Apply a small amount of the chemical to the masked off area and allow the chemical to sit for at least five minutes. Wipe off the chemical and if nothing happens, you are good to go but if the chemical turns the surface cloudy do not use it!

There may be some instances where even after the epoxy flooring system has been cleaned that there may still be some residues on the epoxy flooring. Don’t worry its extremely common with epoxy flooring, especially in garages and in commercial facilities. To remove these harsh residues simply use a medium duty nylon brush with a mixture of CLR and water. Work the mixture in circular motions on the residue until the pollutant has been lifted and you are good to go.