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Want to increase the value of your home? Ready to transform your garage into a clean, beautiful showroom or workshop? Or are you just tired of your stained, dusty garage floor? Garage floor epoxy in Phoenix, AZ is a long-lasting and cost-effective way to completely transform your garage. We have served Phoenix homeowners for years with professional garage floor epoxy service that can make your garage the envy of the neighborhood.
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    Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy in Phoenix

    Professional epoxy garage floor coatings always receive rave reviews from hobbyists, home mechanics, and everyday homeowners. Garage epoxy in Phoenix, AZ can totally transform your garage with numerous benefits you won’t get from another garage floor system. Aside from looking great, the cured epoxy installation is durable and resistant to abrasions, stains, chips, and more.

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    Easy to Maintain

    Garage epoxy in Phoenix creates a completely seamless surface. With no crevices, chips, or cracks, your garage floor will be easy to keep clean with regular sweeping and cleaning.

    This image shows a white car parked in a parking lot with polished concrete.

    No More Dust

    A common complaint among homeowners is a dusty garage. The dust in your garage is shed by the cement. Cement dusting is caused by several issues, including bleeding, condensation, and improper ventilation. No matter how often you sweep, concrete dusting will remain a problem. Garage epoxy solves the dust issue for good.

    This image shows a garage floor with epoxy painted floor.

    Fast Installation

    Our epoxy garage floor installers in Phoenix can prepare your concrete surface and install your new epoxy garage floor in no time at all. With experience, training, the right equipment, and high quality epoxy, installation and cure time takes no more than 1 to 2 days.

    This image shows a flake epoxy flooring.

    Professional Appearance

    When applied correctly, epoxy is a high performance garage coating that gives your garage or workspace a professional and clean appearance. Say goodbye to oil stains, dust, and musty odors in your garage.

    This image shows a garage floor with epoxy painted floor.

    Stain and Moisture Resistant

    Epoxy is the ideal solution for your garage which is exposed to spills and leaks on a regular basis. A garage epoxy coating resists water and stains from gasoline, oil, and other engine fluids. Your epoxy finish will stay fresh for many years and wipe clean just like your countertops.

    This image shows a garage floor with epoxy painted floor.

    Damage Resistant

    Professional epoxy flooring is highly resistant to abrasion, heat, and impact damage. You don’t need to worry about damaging your new floor if you drop a tool. You can even drive your lawn mower right into the garage.

    This image shows a garage floor with epoxy painted floor.

    Unlimited Design Options

    An epoxy coating is a great option for a new or existing concrete garage floor. We offer unlimited designs, including dozens of colors, patterns, and finishes to personalize your garage. One of the most popular options in Phoenix is a metallic epoxy garage floor, although we can also do solid colors, speckles, stripes, or anything else you are envisioning.

    This image shows an industrial plant that has a gray epoxy floor.

    Long-Lasting Solution

    A DIY epoxy floor kit may only last for one or two years. Professional garage floor epoxy lasts an average of 15 years and maintains its beautiful appearance. Opting for garage epoxy is an investment in your home and transforms your garage into a more functional space, whether you use it for storage, working on your car, or hobbies.


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    Our Garage Epoxy Process

    Our Phoenix epoxy garage floor installers use a multi-step approach for flawless garage floor epoxy installation. Unlike other epoxy installers, we do not cut corners. We believe in taking the time to properly prepare your concrete surface for correct adhesion. We use only professional-grade epoxy to ensure long-lasting and flawless results.

    This image shows a garage floor with epoxy painted floor. Its brown in color.

    Surface Preparation

    Proper floor preparation is critical for achieving a successful epoxy coating. Patching and repairing cracks and damage to the concrete floor ensures a smooth finish and proper adhesion of the epoxy. All stains must also be scrubbed and lifted to prevent delamination of your epoxy coating. Once the surface is clean and repaired, diamond grinding will profile the concrete and open pores for the epoxy to bind with.

    This image shows a garage floor with flake epoxy painted floor.

    Primer Application

    High-quality garage floor epoxy in Phoenix usually requires several coats to ensure a resistant, durable coating. This begins with a primer, which binds with the concrete and provides strong adhesion for subsequent layers. A primer can also be used to create a moisture barrier if your garage is prone to moisture problems.

    This image shows a garage floor with epoxy painted floor.

    Garage Epoxy Coating Application

    After the primer comes an epoxy base coat. On top of the base coat, we will apply colored chips to add texture, density, and design effects. We can also add metallic chips if you want a metallic epoxy garage floor. The final clear top coat gives your epoxy flooring a glossy finish and depth. The top coat may include a non-slip additive if you want a more skid-resistant surface.

    The image shows a man painting a floor using a roller brush.

    What Is Garage Floor Epoxy?

    Despite popular misconception, garage epoxy is not paint. Some paints do have a small amount of epoxy added to increase their durability, but they are still just paints. Epoxy is a thermosetting resin applied as a thick coating. This product is made by mixing an epoxy resin with a hardener that works like a catalyst and gives the epoxy long-lasting strength.
    Garage epoxy does not dry like paint; it cures. When the two parts of the epoxy mix are combined, a chemical reaction occurs through an exothermic curing process. This produces cross-linked polymer structures that give the surface superior durability.

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    Not sure if a garage epoxy coating is the right choice for you? Do you have questions for our garage floor epoxy contractors? Here are some frequently asked questions we hear from customers. If you have additional questions, we are just a phone call away!

    Q:How is the surface prepared?

    A: Surface preparation is the most important step for successful epoxy flooring installation. Before beginning, we will need to remove any oil spots on your existing garage floor and degrease and clean the surface. All dust and debris must be removed for proper adhesion. Cracks must also be repaired and stabilized before an epoxy coating can be installed.
    Once these issues are addressed, we will prepare the concrete surface with diamond grinding. When concrete is first installed in a garage, it’s finished to create an even, smooth surface. Epoxy needs to mechanically bond with the concrete for a long-lasting and durable coating. Diamond grinding profiles the surface and exposes millions of pores for the epoxy to properly bind with the concrete
    Our garage floor epoxy contractors will also check if there are any moisture or dampness issues. Your garage won’t be a good candidate for epoxy flooring if it has high humidity or moisture coming up through the concrete. We can discuss moisture mitigation issues with you, however.

    Q: Is my garage a good candidate for garage epoxy?

    A: If your concrete is in fairly good condition and structurally sound, it’s likely a good candidate for a garage epoxy coating. The biggest barrier to installing epoxy is moisture problems. Moisture in your concrete can keep epoxy from adhering as it should and leave a musty aroma in your garage. If the rate of moisture vapor transmission is too high, the epoxy can delaminate. If your garage does have some moisture issues, we can offer solutions. Some primers, for example, work as a moisture barrier to protect concrete floors susceptible to moisture barrier.

    Q: How long until I can use my new epoxy floor?

    A: It’s important for the epoxy coating to cure fully before the garage is used. Light foot traffic is fine 24 hours after installation but you should wait 2 days if possible. Do not drive on the epoxy flooring until it’s fully cured or you can leave tire marks in the surface. In general, it will take 5 days for the epoxy to fully cure.