Are you tired of all the boring flooring that literally everyone has? Do you want your home or business to stand out from the rest of them? We have something for you if these thoughts strike your fancy. We are offering our metallic epoxy to our neighbors in Phoenix Arizona at cut-throat prices so everyone can get the chance to experience such a marvelous flooring. Here’s how metallic epoxy can change the dynamic of your home or business!

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    The hardest part of installing a metallic epoxy floor coating is deciding where you want to put it. The good news is that you can place a metallic epoxy anywhere you desire! The best part about this is that you can experience the benefits of metallic epoxy wherever you want! Remember, wherever you have concrete or wherever concrete can be poured, you can have a metallic epoxy floor coating put into action! Heres how metallic epoxy fits into some areas!
    This image shows an living room with metallic epoxy floor. It has a combination of gray and white metallic epoxy.


    Metallic epoxy flooring gets most of its use in the residential setting and it’s for good reason. Metallic epoxy can bring benefits to a home that no other flooring option can such as unlimited customization and unmatched durability. You have the option to create flooring that is able to recreate the effects of waves, a cloudy day, or even lava flowing down a mountain in your home and that is unheard of for flooring, until now. While most residential clients use metallic epoxy inside the home an amazing area to place the metallic epoxy flooring is actually in the garage. With a metallic epoxy floor coating in the garage, you can have an area that looks as if you are the owner of a showroom that exclusively shows million-dollar cars. Metallic epoxy in Phoenix is also great for the garage as it won’t stain from nasty oil or gasoline.
    This image shows an garage with metallic epoxy floor. It has a combination of gray and black metallic epoxy.


    While metallic epoxy in Phoenix is mostly used in the residential setting, it still sees its fair share of use in both commercial and industrial facilities. Many commercial facilities trust metallic epoxy for its USDA approval, so it can be used in areas that handle food or even in areas like hospitals. This is because metallic epoxy has a seamless finish so there is no chance for germs to remain hidden, causing health hazards, and the seamless surface is incredibly easy to disinfect as there are no cracks and crevices to worry about. One swipe and you are done!
    Industrial facilities use epoxy flooring for its ability to handle heavy objects and resist damage. Metallic epoxy in Phoenix is a 100 percent solid epoxy system, which is the strongest epoxy system available on the market today. Metallic epoxy is able to handle up to 3500 psi, making it one of the strongest floorings on the market.


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    The biggest question that you can ask is why should you use a metallic epoxy? Well, there are hundreds of reasons that metallic epoxy can be and should be your next flooring. So, down below we have outlined only a few of the benefits that our clients have loved about their metallic epoxy floor:
    This image shows a metallic epoxy floor that is very shiny. The floors color is brown.


    Contrary to popular belief, a metallic epoxy floor can be installed in what seems like a blink of an eye. To have an example, an area such as a 2 car garage can be installed with a metallic epoxy floor in less than 4 days! This is because or metallic epoxy floor installers have decades of combined experience so they know what it takes to get the job done ASAP. Remember, there is a curing process for epoxy flooring, 24 hours until the flooring is able to handle light foot traffic and at least 72 hours until the metallic epoxy is fully cured.


    Another common belief is that you have to wax and polish a metallic epoxy floor to keep it shiny but this is completely false. While metallic epoxy in Phoenix can be polished and waxed, it is considered overkill. All that shine comes from the top coat and the metallic pigments inside of the epoxy floor. All that you will need to maintain the metallic epoxy in Phoenix is a soft bristle broom or a dust mop to remove all loose debris. After all loose debris has been cleared, all you will need after that is a standard wet mop to wipe the flooring down!
    This image shows an garage with metallic epoxy floor. It has a combination of white and black metallic epoxy.


    There is a reason why so many commercial facilities, food processing plants and restaurants use a metallic epoxy. For one, metallic epoxy looks amazing and can be a great indication of success in a restaurant as it looks very modern and high end. The other reason is much more important as it is the approval from the USDA for use in these facilities. This is because metallic epoxy in Phoenix has a seamless finish, so no types of food or germs have a place to hide away and form mold or other types of health hazards.
    This image shows an garage with metallic epoxy floor. It has a combination of white and black metallic epoxy.


    A metallic epoxy floor coating follows the same basic principles as a standard epoxy flooring system. Instead of a two-part system, a metallic epoxy introduced metallic pigments into the mixing process. There is a part epoxy resin that is 2 thirds of the mixture and the ply hardeners which make up the final third of the mixture.

    After these two elements are introduced to each other, the metallic pigments are added to fulfill any level of metallic agents are required to achieve a certain effect. Since this a 100 percent solid epoxy system, it is recommended that the epoxy is squeegeed on instead of being either rolled or being troweled on. This mixture of epoxy is going to last well over 20 years!

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