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Are you looking to transform your dull garage floor? Finish your basement to make it a functional space? Epoxy floor coatings from Epoxy Flooring Phoenix are strong, durable, and guaranteed to add brightness to your home. An epoxy coating over your concrete floors can help to prevent moisture, increase your home’s value, and resist damage. There are endless varieties for customization, so you can create a floor that is perfect for your needs and preferences. You won’t have to worry about oil stains or damage from tires in your garage, epoxy is strong enough to withstand even the most demanding environments. We work hard to ensure our client’s satisfaction with each seamless installation. Read below to learn more about the benefits of having an epoxy flooring system installed in your home and common installation areas.

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    Benefits of Epoxy Floors

    Epoxy Flooring Phoenix offers an extensive range of epoxy resin coatings that can be applied in a variety of residential areas. Epoxy is designed to resist staining, chipping, and fading, with little maintenance needed to keep the floor’s surface looking new. Some of the common benefits of epoxy coatings include:
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    Easy to Maintain

    Epoxy floors are one of the easiest flooring systems to maintain, with no expensive cleaners or tools needed to keep the surface looking sleek and shiny. You won’t have to commit to a time-consuming cleaning routine, a dry mop or soft broom is all that’s needed to keep the floor’s surface free from dust and debris. The epoxy surface is moisture resistant, which makes cleaning spills quick and simple. There are no routine waxing or coatings needed to keep the signature epoxy shine looking new, which helps to save you money over time when compared to the maintenance of other flooring materials.
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    Increased Safety

    Installing an epoxy floor in your garage, basement, or living space is not only visually stunning but can also help to increase safety and keep your family safe. It’s a common misconception that epoxy floors are slippery due to their shiny and reflective surface. The surface of the floors is actually slip-resistant, which can help to reduce accidental falls or injuries. The shiny surface also helps to increase overall brightness and visibility in the area they are installed. The non-porous surface is effective in preventing the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungi. Reach out to our experts today with any questions regarding the benefits of a residential epoxy installation.
    This image shows an office floor with a cream flake epoxy floor.

    Versatile and Adaptable

    There are countless color, design, and pattern variations available with epoxy floor coatings, making them one of the most unique floor systems available. The addition of an epoxy coating can completely transform a dull or dated space, while also preserving and protecting the existing concrete. Whether you are looking for a three-dimensional metallic floor that looks like lava or a flake floor to resemble granite, our team can help find the perfect coating for you.

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    This image shows a basement floor with a gray epoxy floor.

    Basement Epoxy Floors

    Choosing an epoxy floor for your basement is a great way to protect your concrete floor for years to come! They are a great addition to basements and help to transform cold, damp concrete into a functional space the whole family can enjoy. The moisture-resistant surface of epoxy provides vital protection to your basement and the structural integrity of the concrete. You can easily change your dull, gray concrete to floors with a shiny, colorful finish with Epoxy Flooring Phoenix residential epoxy services.

    This image shows an garage with a cream flake epoxy floor.

    Garage Epoxy Floors

    One of the most popular installation areas, epoxy floors provide the strength and durability needed to meet the demands of typical garage functions. These coatings help to protect concrete from oil stains, damage from hot tires and cracking from dropped items. While providing protection for years, these floors can also help to increase your home’s value and save you money in maintenance costs over time. You can work with ease knowing your garage floor is safe thanks to the slip-resistant finish of an epoxy coating. Call us today for a free garage epoxy floor installation estimate!

    This image shows an garage with metallic epoxy floor. It has a combination of white and black metallic epoxy.

    Metallic Epoxy Floors

    Metallic epoxy is one of the most popular variations available, due to the stunning three-dimensional and mesmerizing finish these floors provide. These floors have a pristine appearance while also providing exceptional resistance and longevity. The addition of metallic pigments creates captivating designs that can mimic lava, clouds, and even water. Each metallic epoxy coating is completely unique and guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind work of art!

    Fresh and Modern

    Residential epoxy floors are functional, sustainable, and affordable!

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    We proudly serve our clients in the Phoenix, Arizona area and surrounding communities with the highest quality epoxy materials available. Let us help with your next flooring project, our team has the experience and tools necessary to provide a sleek and seamless product! If you are still unsure if epoxy is right for you, read some common questions and answers below. You can reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns!

    Q:Why Should I Choose Epoxy Over Traditional Flooring Options?

    A: Epoxy is a great flooring choice for homes due to its incredible versatility, durability, and affordability. When compared to bare concrete, epoxy can provide increased weight tolerance, chemical resistance, and additional protection. It’s a cost-effective flooring addition that will protect your concrete for years.

    Q: How Long Can An Epoxy Floor Last?

    A: The lifespan of an epoxy floor will depend on a variety of factors including location, traffic, and maintenance. Typically, residential floors will last longer than commercial or industrial, as they tend to experience constant traffic and wear. On average, an epoxy floor that is professionally installed in a garage or basement can last anywhere from 10-30 years with proper maintenance.

    Q: Will My Concrete Need To Be Repaired Before Installation?

    A: Each concrete situation is unique and should be examined by a professional prior to beginning any epoxy installation. Some minor damages in the concrete can be repaired by our trained contractors to ensure a smooth finish. Extensive damage may need different repair or replacement methods. You can call us today with any questions or for a free epoxy quote!