When in the world of epoxy flooring, you will find that there are many different types of epoxy floorings and even more different uses for epoxy flooring. A good quote to remember for epoxy flooring is anywhere you have concrete or anywhere concrete can be poured, there is an application of epoxy flooring that can benefit that concrete. So today, we are going to take a look into the fascinating world of epoxy flooring and decipher the top applications and types of epoxy flooring in the world today:

Garage Floor Epoxy
Garage floor epoxy is one of the most common applications of epoxy flooring as it one of the areas that epoxy flooring can offer most of its benefits in. A garage can be one of the most demanding, harsh and ugly areas of most homes all at the same time. With epoxy flooring, the garage will have flooring that can keep up with the harsh and demanding conditions of the garage and even make the garage a more welcoming environment. This is because epoxy flooring offers superior durability that has been proven to make any concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger and last 2-3 times longer than a bare concrete slab. There are also many different ways that epoxy can be customized but the most common in garages is the use of a base color and the use of flakes.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Metallic epoxy flooring systems are one of the most unique and exotic flooring options on the market to this date. A metallic epoxy flooring has the ability to mimic the effects of lava flowing down a volcano, waves crashing in on the beach, metallic epoxy can even be used to replicate and make the flooring look like a weather doppler! Metallic epoxy flooring is also a 100 percent solid epoxy system, so no durability is sacrificed to make the flooring look this way. As a matter of fact, some commercial facilities use metallic epoxy flooring for its durability and appearance in areas such as doctors offices, grocery stores and even in warehouses. You can also find the exotic metallic epoxy flooring in hotels and casinos, airports and aircraft hangars, and even in high-end homes.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy flooring is one of the top flooring options for commercial facilities for many reasons. Commercial facilities have very strict guidelines for flooring that must be followed or else the facility may be closed until the problem is fixed or even shut down for good. Epoxy flooring is actually a USDA approved flooring option so it can be used in all commercial facilities, even the ones that handle food and beverages or even in the medical field. Epoxy flooring is even more highly touted in commercial facilities as it offers some of the best chemical resistance available on the market. The epoxy flooring is actually able to isolate all moisture on the top of its surface, not allowing for the concrete slab to absorb any moisture. When the concrete isn’t allowed to absorb moisture, there is no chance for structural or environmental damage.