About Tempe

Tempe, Arizona, located in the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan area, is a vibrant city brimming with culture, innovation, and natural beauty. Home to Arizona State University, one of the largest public universities in the United States, Tempe is a hub of intellectual energy and youthful exuberance. The city’s warm climate and picturesque surroundings make it an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, with hiking and biking trails winding through the nearby mountains and the scenic Tempe Town Lake offering a refreshing oasis for water activities. Tempe is also known for its lively downtown area, Mill Avenue, where a diverse array of restaurants, bars, and shops line the streets, creating a bustling atmosphere day and night. With a rich arts and music scene, including the iconic Tempe Center for the Arts and the annual Tempe Festival of the Arts, there is always something exciting happening in this dynamic city.

This image shows buildings in Tempe Arizona.
This image shows buildings in Tempe Arizona.

Living in Tempe

Living in Tempe, Arizona, offers a vibrant and diverse lifestyle in a thriving city. With a population of approximately 195,000 residents, Tempe combines the benefits of a close-knit community with the amenities of a larger urban area. The city boasts a youthful energy, thanks to the presence of Arizona State University, attracting students, professionals, and families alike. The sunny climate is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, with a plethora of parks, hiking trails, and bike paths, allowing residents to enjoy the stunning desert landscape. Tempe is also home to several notable landmarks, such as the iconic “A” Mountain, which offers panoramic views of the city, and the Tempe Center for the Arts, hosting a variety of performances and exhibitions.

Tempe residents have an abundance of entertainment options at their fingertips. The lively downtown area, Mill Avenue, is a hotspot for dining, shopping, and nightlife, with a wide range of restaurants, bars, and boutiques to explore. The Tempe Town Lake, a man-made reservoir located in the heart of the city, provides a beautiful backdrop for water activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, and boating. Additionally, Tempe is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, with the annual Tempe Festival of the Arts attracting artists from around the country, showcasing their work in a lively street fair. Another popular event is the Tempe Music Festival, featuring local and national musicians performing a variety of genres.

Zip Codes:

85202, 85282, 85287, 85218

Services We Offer in Tempe

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This image shows the area of Tempe in Arizona.