There has been a rumor of epoxy flooring going around for what seems like forever at this point and that rumor is that epoxy flooring systems are not safe. Epoxy flooring can not only keep you safe, but there are also ways that epoxy flooring can actually keep the earth safe as well. But, epoxy flooring does have some properties that some may consider being unsafe so, today we are going to take a closer look into how epoxy flooring is safe and how epoxy flooring is unsafe. Let us get started!

One of the biggest misconceptions about epoxy flooring is that they become very slippery when they become wet or soiled or even slippery in general. Epoxy flooring is thought about in this way because the surface of the epoxy flooring looks very slick because it is shiny and seamless. We are here to say that an epoxy flooring in standard conditions can actually provide a tremendous amount of traction when walking on it. This is because the epoxy floorings natural texture actually has the ability to make your shoe sole stick to it. Though safe when in normal conditions, just like every other flooring epoxy flooring can become very slippery when it becomes wet due to its seamless and smooth finish. But, there are ways that epoxy flooring can actually keep you safe even when the floor is wet or soiled. There is an additive that can be implemented into the top coat of epoxy that replicates sand. This material can provide more grip than you will ever need!

Along with keeping you safe from sliding around the floor, epoxy flooring is also safe for the environment! The epoxy flooring is able to do this in two ways, resisting all chemicals and not using much material to craft the flooring. The epoxy flooring system is able to resist all chemicals that it comes with contact with by isolating them on the top of the flooring system. This is critical as if chemicals are allowed to come into contact with the concrete slab, the concrete slab will absorb the chemical and leak it out into the environment. Some facilities use extremely dangerous chemicals and spills are a part of life but epoxy flooring can restrict any damage that may happen to the environment. Epoxy flooring also has the advantage of not needing a load of material to install. Epoxy flooring is a very thin layer of a plastic-like material that won’t need an entire landfill to dump after the flooring has been torn out compared to tile, carpet, and wood flooring.

There is a way that some people consider epoxy flooring to be unsafe in the residential area and that reason is also one of its best benefits. Epoxy flooring systems are extremely hard and can cause serious injury if you manage to fall on them. Epoxy flooring us especially dangerous in homes that have elderly people or children as there are reports of bruises and even broken bones resulting from falling on epoxy flooring. Most people will try to combat this by placing rugs throughout the area with epoxy flooring.